big brotherWe are big fans of the Radar Zone here at Marton House and have built numerous workshops and models around it as it is something important that many people can forget about.

For the as yet uninitiated the Radar Zone is an area of radius, at the centre of which is something or someone we have a reason to impress. When we are in the Radar Zone we have to be doubly careful of our actions in case someone is watching us or overhears us saying something.

For example we could be going to see a client about some work or maybe going for a job interview. Let’s take the job interview as an example. If we were holding an interview for a job here we may well ask our receptionist what the candidates did whilst they waited; Did they look frustrated? Did they make phone-calls, not focusing on the here and now? Did they read one of our brochures, subtly placed on the waiting room table?

Of course that is just one example, the Radar Zone is much, much wider than that and the bad news is it’s getting wider too.

This article on MSN News reveals that 1 in 5 employers now vet potential candidates pre-interview via the current Internet social hotbed that is Facebook. The story goes on to report how students from Oxford University are now being fined for being disorderly after celebrating the fact their exams were over, based on photographic evidence found on Facebook.

With web-based social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace encouraging us more and more to be fully open and public about our private lives, we are going to have to be much more virulent when it comes to what data is available for the general masses to dig up on us.

If you haven’t yet tried typing your name into Google and see what dirt comes up on you then give it a try, you might be shocked.