Traditionally the image of a stand-up training session conjures up a vision of small room filled with people and a person standing up at the front pointing to a flip chart telling you how it is…

This isn’t the Marton House way. There isn’t another company in the country that has all of the resources in-house which can develop and produce materials to support their own trainers out in the field. Our proposition is unique… and relax there is still some flip chart action!

The strange thing is with all the video and media rich materials we produce we rarely manage to capture our trainers in action. That’s why when our MD Brian asked me to go along to one of his seminars and document the occasion I leapt at the chance.

Click on the video below for an example of what one of our training solutions might look like.

If you want to know more about our training solutions our contact details can be found on the about us page.