Bit of a strange point of view for someone who works for a company that creates E-Learning solutions, I agree. But hear me out …

Learning isn’t something ‘electronic’ … we learn today in the same way we always have learned:

  • through seeing (reading and watching)
  • through hearing (listening to teachers, parents, video, commentaries, etc)
  • through doing (physical actions … with “E-Learning” via the keyboard and mouse – clicking, dragging and dropping)
  • even through smelling and tasting things. These aren’t available at all in E-Learning (well, not yet).

We can’t “electronically learn” … we learn as we have always learnt, through our five senses and our experiences. Unlike the rapid change in technology in the last 20 years, we haven’t changed how we absorb information and behaviours over the last two decades. All that has happened is that we have a new way of being presented with the information.

So if there’s no such thing as E-Learning, what is there?

Well, I’d argue there’s a form of E-Teaching or E-Instructing … maybe even E-Facilitating or E-Presenting (none of which are snappy phrases, I agree). E-Learning is just another way of presenting information to the learner – a surrogate teacher / instructor / facilitator, often embellished with images, video and, all too often, lots of text to read. So maybe not the quantum leap that people thought …

That is why some people may have become so disappointed with E-Learning – they believed there was a new way to learn that would give amazing results, but in reality we still learn in the same way we always have.

So, there is no such thing as E-Learning … might have to start thinking about a new career, I suppose!