cash lineYou know the old saying “If it ‘aint broke don’t fix it”? Well I saw a great example at the weekend of traditional sales techniques being put into action.

I went to a conference at the weekend, the subject of which centered around how to make money.

Put simply it worked like this. A speaker would come on stage and explain for 2 hours how they made their millions at the end of which the audience was offered a product such as training DVD’s or mentoring or resale licences etc, etc.

Around 3/4 of the way though just before the presenter went into their pitch they would all pull out the traditional sales technique of the 3 yes’s. This is where the audience gets asked 3 questions which they will hopefully say yes to by default.

For example:

I bet you’ve all learned something today… yes!

Did I share some of the greatest secrets with you… yes!

Do you think you can do this yourselves… YES!

By the time you reel out the forth question the audience have gone into autopilot and will say yes without really thinking about it.

What do you think the forth question always is? I’ll tell you…

What would you say if I told you there was something you could take away today that could make this even easier. Does that sound good?


There was 12 speakers all using that same technique and believe it or not it worked every single time. The cash register didn’t stop ringing.

Quite an eye opener I’m sure you’ll agree?  Pssst, you’re supposed to say yes here!

I’ll talk more about my experiences over the course of the week.