postman patJulian had an interesting experience on the way into work this morning. Walking up the street he saw a postman cycling towards him, frantically waving his arms to get Julian’s attention. Thinking something was wrong Julian stopped.

It turned out nothing was wrong, the postman just had some mail for Julian that needed signing for.

Amazingly the postman knew who Julian was and even called him by name. Even more amazing is the fact that Julian lives in a block of flats and is rarely seen by the postman.

A postperson’s job mandate doesn’t state they have to work hard at customer satisfaction. As a monopoly the Royal Mail don’t have to think about customer retention for day to day standard deliveries. So when it happens it’s all the more of a pleasant surprise.

Years ago the local postman was a part of the community, everybody knew he and he knew everybody. This is something that has slowly disappeared over the years as communities have grown larger and more faceless.

Soon there will be competition to the Royal Mail and something in their business attitude needs to change if they want to retain customers.  Their current line of thinking is to offer as many different services as possible if you were to go into a branch, but this seems to be over diverse.

Maybe a back to basics angle is exactly what is needed, where the postpeople offer that personal touch once again.