Speeding Bullet

So you’ve done your preparation, you’ve got a glass of water to hand and you are now stood at the lectern. What now?

The temptation is to blurt it all out and get it over with as fast as you can but whatever you do you must resist this urge. You are not a speeding bullet.

Take a deep breath and start how you mean to continue – slowly.

Here is what will happen if you rush through it.

  • You will feel pleased it’s over but somehow dissatisfied with your performance
  • You will see confusion in the audience because it was too fast to keep up with
  • You will hear comments about you looking nervous and babbling

Think back to that video recording you did during your preparation. Was it delivered too quickly? If the answer is an honest yes, then you need to rehearse again. Try doing it super slow, like you are dragging your legs through treacle and then watch it back again.

Too slow? Probably not. Slow for most people is actually a normal, well-rounded speed.

Slowing it down is bother better for you and the audience. Better for you because it gives you chance to think what you want to say between sentences and it will make you look more at ease, and better for the audience because they will actually understand what the heck you are talking about.