That’s right folks, we’ve got another week-long special this week on The Learning Journey.

How do you feel when you’re suddenly asked to deliver a presentation? Or maybe you’ve been asked to formally introduce a speaker? Perhaps it’s simply a case of telling a room of people about what you do in 30 seconds?

Public speakerSome people seem to handle such situations with ease, whereas it strikes cold-hearted fear into others.

Incredibly in some cases people have been known to worry more about speaking in public than the thought of death itself!

Fear of embarrassment, fear of not making a good impression is one of the common drivers for sweaty palms, shaky hands and the ultimate indicator, the dry mouth.

If you’re one of those people then this week is definitely for you. Stick with us and we’ll try to give you a few top tips to ease you through such situations.

( image copyright 1998 Sheila Chambers)