Ling ValentineThis is Ling Valentine. Ling is an entrepreneur who appeared on the BBC show Dragons’ Den. You can watch part of her original pitch right here.

Ling’s company offers rental and lease purchase options for buying cars, nothing new there.

Her website is a mind-boggling, single-paged brain dump of everything her company offers. It’s probably the craziest, information overloading website I’ve ever seen. If you visit this website with a purpose of finding a particular car good luck to you, you could be searching for some time.

She is very successful though and won the accolade of Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Women in Retail award last year.

Why is she so successful though, particularly when she has a web-based business with a website most people can’t be bothered to navigate their way through?

You see is all about Ling.  Ling is honest, hard working and down to earth and it’s her zany personality that makes people remember her.  Her appearance on Dragons’ Den wasn’t about getting the money, it was all about the publicity.  She didn’t win the money, but unlike so many other hopefuls that appear on the show Ling and her silly nuclear missile promo is the only non-winner I still remember, months on from the shows original transmission.

In a world which is overrun by companies selling the same things it’s becoming more and more important to have something that ignites your businesses gravity bringing people to you rather than sending them to the car lot next door.

So why would anybody remember your business?

More importantly, why would anybody remember you?