ShorpyShorpy Higginbottom was a greaser who worked in an Alabama coal mine around 1910. He was 14 years old.

So why do we care about Shorpy? Well believe it or not Shorpy has his own blog! Nearly 100 years on from when he worked the mines Shorpy is now famous.

Actually the blog is named after him, I think basically because he’s such an interesting looking example character from the time but obviously he doesn’t write it and nor is it about him really.

Shorpy – The 100 Year Old Photo Blog features everyday pictures from a bygone era and makes a point of giving you as much or as little information about the photos as possible.

It’s a fascinating blog to visit everyday as there is always a new character to see from what would appear to be an endless supply of pictures.

What I find really interesting though is the amount of everyday pictures with people that come from that era. Was this because photography was a relatively new thing at the time? Were people more proud in those days about their work, their jobs, their everyday life?

In this age of digital photography surely there must be more of this kind of thing going on, yet there is little evidence of the proud people showing off their modern, high rise jobs (etc.)?

Has the passion for the evidence of where we worked disappeared into the archives?

I know if I had to tell my grandson about where I worked in years to come I wouldn’t have one photo of the office and the people working in it.

Maybe it’s time we did something about it.