josh.jpgJealous of other blogs having their own 12 year old marketing geniuses (that’s you David!), we thought we’d go one better and have our very own 14 year old guru to write today’s post. So without further ado it’s over to Josh to tell you about his week here at Marton House Towers.

Hi, my name is Josh and I’m here to tell you about my exciting week at Marton House…

I’ve been here for work experience and I’ve been having a look at what they do here: from making videos to arm wrestling in the board room…

1. Monkeys – They are big fans of monkeys here at Marton House and hence they have 4 rather large monkeys placed around the office (excluding the other monkeys of the office). Now being a monkey-lover myself, I can understand their love for these fine primates but what I can’t understand is the reason that I am talking about this in the blog.

2. The Boardroom – The Board room is very important at Marton House. It contains a rather large Samsung screen, which is used during the ‘In-house lunch’, and a rather large table. But after all this I am still completely mystefied by the complexities of the usage of this room: arm-wrestling and ham sandwiches.

3. Mac – Microsoft are gods on Earth when it comes to their PCs. This is what I used to think. On my forth day, I was introduced to my new companion and friend for life. I had previously never used an Apple Mac PC, however deeply I wanted to I could never get hold of one. Well this experience has arrived and now I’m a changed man. With the shiny display and one-button mouse, the Apple Mac has introduced me to Video Editing, Graphical Design and a prettier performance. So in the future I plan on stripping my father’s account bare and hopefully get one of these white marvels. Now all that’s left to do is break the news to my XP at home. It’s not going to be very happy…

Now as you may have noticed, I’m absolutely rubbish at this blog-writing thing and have waffled on continuously. I must issue my sincere regret at wasting your time and hopefully you can forgive me. All in all, Marton House has been an enjoyable experience and has given me a lot of insight into what I’m going to do in the future.

So yeah that’s about it,


P.S. Thanks to all the team at Marton House and I hope that you go on to lead happy lives.

Thanks Josh, a job well done there. Hang on a minute, Josh just told us he hasn’t got a MySpace page! Josh, you’re 14! What 14 year old doesn’t have a MySpace page??? Sort it out mate…then come back and see us again!