We all know what we are good at right? The question is does everybody else in the office?

Our obvious abilities are the stuff we do everyday, the stuff we get paid for! So what about the things that we are actually really good at but choose to keep them to ourselves? That’s our hidden superhero power!

For example, I’m pretty handy at DIY tasks. One day somebody found out about this, asked me to build some shelves and ever since I’ve been the “go-to” guy when it comes to fixing something up in the office (today I’m fixing an LCD TV to the wall, gulp!).

I don’t mind this at all, in fact it’s nice to do something different around the place once in a while.

Other people around our office have different, unique superpowers which makes them the “go-to” person for their specialism.

  • Richard is our English guru, if you need anything proof-read you go to him
  • Brian is an ex-history teacher and is a great resource for facts
  • Steve keeps his ear to his pod when it comes to music and is a fountain of knowledge
  • Ilias is a PC wizard and knows his stuff
  • Laura has a keen eye for wildlife photography and a fine knowledge of nature

Etc, etc.

What’s your superpower, and does everybody know it yet?