Customer RetentionToday I had some good customer service experience and some bad customer experience.

First the bad.

Shortly after Christmas I ordered a new kitchen from a well-known DIY store.  At the time of ordering I was a little taken aback by the long delivery wait of 9 weeks but I was told it was due to the post-Christmas sales and the fact it takes a while to get all the components I need together so that everything will be perfect on delivery day.

Note the use of the word “perfect“…

My delivery arrived on the stated day and all was not “perfect“, in fact it was far from it.  Things were missing (which they knew about before they turned up), and a worktop was damaged.

To get things moving, I had to source the missing components myself or else wait another 4 weeks!  Not a good start for customer service.  The damaged worktop I managed to use as I could cut off the bad bits no problem, so even though it shouldn’t have turned up damaged I was OK with using it.

2 weeks down the line I come to looking at the 2nd worktop in more detail and discover that even though it’s still a satin black colour it’s actually a different model!

So back on the phone again today I get past from customer department to the local store as it appeared too much trouble for them to deal with.

Brian from the local store was very helpful but unfortunately told me that the worktop I wanted was a special order and is not found in store but he said “don’t worry, we’re always sorting out the head offices cock-ups for them and so I’ll get right on the case for you, after all it’s the customer that matters

Brian was right.  Being the customer I already knew that, but to hear him say it was like music to my ears.

He did all he could for me and put a new order through but alas his system would only let him book a delivery date 5 weeks down the line, which is no good to me as I was planning on finishing the kitchen this weekend.  He told me he’d get the details out immediately and when I received them tomorrow I should call HQ and make a formal complaint about, and I quote Brian here “…their shitty customer service“.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring but it just made my day knowing that a small man in a big organisation is going out of his way to treat me with the respect every customer should get.

The question is, how long before the mother company do something that upsets the Brian’s of this world?

Be warned DIY superstore, you are already on the slippery slopes and it’s people like Brian who are the rocks which stop the avalanche from happening.