Today’s post is all about the unsung mentors we all have around our workplace.  Most of us have one but probably don’t even realise it.

They are the person that you go to first with a new idea, or a new initiative that you need to run by somebody before it goes public.  Put simply you go to this person regularly for a little bit of advice without having to go on the record.  Without these characters some of the greatest ideas may never see the light of day as we are sometimes too scared of just throwing them out into the big wide world.

I don’t have to go very far at all to see mine, all I have to do is spin around in my swivel chair to talk about my latest crazy scheme.  The great thing is with it being “unofficial” I can always expect an honest, direct answer.

So, whether they know it or not your everyday mentor is a great source of help and advice, and don’t forget they also have an everyday mentor with whom they regularly seek advice from too.

Go on buy them some coffee and a cake, they do an awful lot and probably deserve it too!