One of my overriding feelings from being amongst 350 other film makers at the Berlin Talent Campus was the passion for self-development.

Take this young Mexican actor, Leonardo. He has travelled half way around the world to take part and to hear advice from his peers and successful film makers / actors.

He could have stayed at home. It would have been cheaper for him. It would have been easier for him.

But he wants to learn. And he’ll make sure he does. How many of us of waiting for someone else to develop us for us; our manager, the training department, HR? Like Leonardo we must get on with it ourselves as ultimately it will be more rewarding.

I caught up with him at the end of the week. Indeed, he had a great time AND a very productive time. He had made new contacts, got some new challenges for the year ahead and picked up some tips from people like Gael Garcia Bernal. All things he wanted to do.

But, he also saw snow for the first time in his life knows what it feels like. The great thing about the learning journey is that once you are on it you don’t always know what else you’ll discover.