OscarThere’s usually a bit of a buzz around the office at this time of year what with both the BAFTAs and the Oscars being so close to each other. This is partly due to our roots being so closely linked to the entertainment business, but also because some of us have been there ourselves.

Not many people know that we have a BAFTA nominated scriptwriter on our team in the form of Tim Clague for his film Eight and even yours truly has been honored twice in the form of best film at The Landcrab Film Festival (Seeing Red and A Right Royal Roast).

Anyway I’m not posting here today to blow our own trumpets (well, not just that anyway!), what I wanted to make a point about is that no matter who you are everybody loves to get an award. Hey even Martin Scorcese managed it this year!  Check out the full Oscar winners list here.

One of our most successful workshops is “The 100 Second Film-Makers Challenge”. In the workshop myself and Tim give groups of people an overview of film making basics. The groups are then given a breif from their company around which they make a 100 second long film – simple concepts like “Going from good to great”, or “Being the best”. Each group then gets a camera, a few hours, and a whole load of help from us should they need it in order to achieve their vision.

The best part of the day for everybody is the glitzy awards ceremony in the evening where all the films get shown and trophies are awarded to the best.

People really love it, not only are they getting a chance to do something creatively different they’re also making themselves heard. Companies also love it too as it’s a very different way of spreading a new initiative or just plain and simple rewarding success.

Of course you don’t have to be a film-maker to win awards. An annual tradition for Marton House is to have an awards ceremony at our annual dinner where everybody gets an award for something specific to their abilities.

It’s always nice to be recognised for your achievements.