Question Mark SparkMy single biggest problem when it comes to work-life balance is what I call my “daily creativity drive”.

It’s the time of day when my brain appears to be at it’s most creative, and a surge of ideas and new thinking streams out. Unfortunately this usually occurs around 11pm most nights.

First of all why does this happen, as most people are ready to sleep at that time?

Just relating to something Tim said in a comment the other day, my work and hobbies have many cross-overs. I’m a trained cameraman and editor, I love video and film, all things technology, blogging, new ideas, web 2.0, business thinking – the line for my work-life balance can easily be blurred. So when I get a bit of time to myself, at 10pm when Kate (my other half) is watching ER or something, I do my daily Internet catch-up with all things new. For me this could be a simple thing like reading the news, it doesn’t take much to kick my brain into gear after a relaxing evening in front of the TV and then I can’t sleep because I’m buzzing.

So what can I do about this? The best thing would be to try and shift my surfing activities to the opposite end of the day. This actually wouldn’t be a problem for me as I like getting up early and doing things before work, and heck if it kicks my brain into gear first thing then that can’t be bad.

I’ll try it and let you know the results.

The only problem is what do I now do with my time during ER?