You know who you are! You’re the person who takes home a portion of workload and sits in the car on the driveway making calls and catching up.

This is not a good place to be in.

You feel guilty because you’re hiding your workload from your loved ones, you rush through your calls because you don’t want to get caught and more often than not you’ll miss something out or forget that all important call because a message got lost in the bottom of your briefcase.

Of course the really bad thing is it’s not just your loved ones you are hiding your work from, it’s also your boss.

Sometimes our workloads are just too much and we try to hide the fact that we are struggling from just about everybody because we don’t want to reveal our weaknesses. Well here’s a newsflash – the longer you leave it the worse it will get.

In today’s world performance is key and we are constantly being encouraged to do “more business” and “find new customers”, often for little reward. A portion of many people’s salaries are now performance based too and as a result we are having to work longer hours just to cover the basics.

The thing is bottling it all up isn’t going to help and we’ll just burn ourselves out eventually.

Keeping secrets is not the answer.

Make your challenges more visible. Talk to your loved ones. Talk to your colleagues, you’ll soon find out you’re not alone.