hotlineIn today’s world of mass-communication many people seem to have both a mobile phone and a home phone.  The temptation in business is to give both numbers out, just in case your potential customer can’t reach you on one of them.

This can be a fatal mistake and end up causing complete invasion into your private space and time.

My pension agent made this same error and more often than not when I would call him on his mobile he’d ask me to call him back on his home number as the reception was bad on his mobile network.  My advice to him was to change networks.

As a customer I’d feel bad calling him not only at home but also out of hours, after all the kind of stuff I wanted to know would always wait until office hours.  However not all customers are as thoughtful as myself and many wouldn’t bat an eyelid when it came to calling out of hours.

This can be a real killer on your home life and can bring stress to many relationships, as it did to my agent and his then wife.

The trick is to limit your business contacts to just the one port of communication, and have a cut-off time for that number when you can switch it to answerphone.  Here you should have a personalised message stating whatever hours you are available between and if they should want to leave a message you will get back to them at the first opportunity.

You can still receive personal calls on it too if you use your phone for dual-purposes, just screen the calls.