Dress for the role.

Some companies now have a relaxed attitude towards with the intention of making employees feel more at home in their working environment. This is great but it can have a different impact on the mental attitude of each employee.

We filmed an interview a while back with a successful telesales agent within a very large organisation. This company had also recently relaxed their dress codes for telesales staff and whilst it had improved the atmosphere in the office, sales were down.

It’s all about freedom of choice and this particular young man whilst enjoying the ethics behind the decision had decided after a few weeks it wasn’t working for him. He decided to dress smartly again as it made him feel more confident and more successful the moment he got dressed in the mornings. It worked for him too, within a month he was the top sales person on his floor and also put forward for us to interview.

Obviously it’s a state of mind and you’ve got to discover what works for you.

The point is this:

If you dress the same for work as you do for home, how can you expect to mentally (subconsciously or otherwise), differentiate between them?

It seems to work for me.