Stop. Stop reading this right now unless you have a clear 10 minutes set aside to reflect on your own situation. Find a gap in your day, take the phone off the hook and allocate a small amount of time to your own self-development.

This is important so take some time for yourself.

Done that? Good.

Below is a list of indicators which can reveal your work-life balance is out of whack. If you find yourself agreeing with all of them it’s time for a change:-

  1. You feel that your whole day has been pre-scheduled for you.
  2. You always take your work home with you.
  3. You try to hide the work you take home from your family.
  4. You have nobody to talk privately with as your friends all come from your work environment.
  5. Holidays/vacation time has to fit in around work.
  6. You have no time for yourself and you constantly feel exhausted.
  7. The smallest things stress you out.

Think about each point of this list and reflect on instances in your own life where these indicators have had an impact. Write down your own list, using only the first thing that pops into your mind with each point.

This is your list. Keep it safe and reflect back on it regularly. When you solve an issue you may strike it off the list.

This should give you a more positive energy and outlook on the whole but remember to only tackle one thing at a time.

The first step in solving a work-life balance problem is to acknowedge that a problem even exists in the first place.