elearningage.jpgElearning Age magazine’s cover article this month is entitled “Using Video – The Power of the Small Screen”. In it they discuss how for many years video has been a “timid afterthought” within elearning, whilst text-based pages, simple test and Flash animations have continued to grow healthily.

They go on to say that in the past the traditional advice to developers is that video is expensive and tricky and should only be used if there is no other way.

According to Elearning Age though attitudes are changing – “There is increasing recognition that engaging with learners requires more than delivering a series of learning points in an orderly manner”. They go on to say “Some developers do understand what well produced video has to offer and how it can give their products an edge over their competitors”.

Hey tell us something we don’t know! Here at Marton House we backed video as a vital part of the learning experience over 6 years ago and have been producing it for most of our training solutions ever since.

Using high quality video is one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and the more cinematic it is the more it adds to the overall experience.

With myself and Tim’s background being in the film and television industry we always like to remain one step ahead of the rest. Does this mean we’re going to kill off video now the rest elearning industry are starting to catch up? No of course not, but we are moving towards High Definition soon – watch this space.

Does your company use video in your training materials or are you still stuck in the elearning dark age? Let us know your feelings right here.