Team Meeting

There’s nothing worse than turning up for work on a Monday and being bundled straight into a “catch-up” meeting. You’d think the term “catch-up” would mean a quick 10 minute meeting but invariably it always turning into a 2 hour marathon.

So is the Monday morning meeting a good thing? It’s open for discussion, but there is a similar thing that is banned as a first-thing exercise on a film shoot.

The golden rule for film makers is to avoid doing a tracking shot first thing in the morning. A tracking shot is much more complicated than a static shot as it adds many more elements that can potentially go wrong during a take and as a rule of thumb can take over an hour to complete. Now imagine doing one of those first thing in the morning – it’s complicated, people aren’t quite functioning at full-speed an concentration isn’t at a maximum. When you combine all these things together a one hour shot can take over two hours to get right. This creates a dissatisfied, deflated feeling and has a knock on effect for productivity for the rest of the day, something which a film crew will never quite recover from.

The on-set solution is simple – keep it simple! The first shot of the day should be a static, quick-win. That way everybody feels like they’re getting somewhere and productivity leaps up from that point onwards.

So the way to apply this to the office is easy – if you want to have a meeting to kick off the week keep it short and sweet, 10-20 mins max, any large debates resulting from this meeting should be tackled in smaller meetings with the relevant team-members only.