Kaizen is a Japanese word which roughly translates into English as “continual improvement”.

Continual improvement is something we should all be doing whether it’s within our jobs, our homelife, our social skills, our general knowledge or even just acknowledging the mindset that our brains need constant feeding in order to improve. If we don’t feed our brains they’ll just rapidly deteriorate.

Kaizen is an every day activity to encourage a mental attitude of going beyond improvement. Above and beyond the mental state it’s is also a process designed to humanize the workplace, and used daily can eliminate hard work. From Kaizen we can learn to make ourselves more efficient by simplifying techniques and processes we use daily.

Kaizen is also about waste management, i.e. getting rid of those things that make us inefficient, thus helping us to streamline our activities.

In a nutshell Kaizen is about fine-tuning processes that already exist.

The Learning Journey is a resource designed to help us all practice the Kaizen mentality. Just recently I’ve noticed a change in myself and my abilities to remember things, mostly words and stuff but sometimes peoples names, people that I’ve known for a while can escape me.

Just like a business my brain needs fine-tuning and making more efficient.

Read more about Kaizen over on Wikipedia.