Young’s Modulus

Seth Godin raises an interesting comparrison on his blog between Young’s Modulus and business.

Young’s Modulus is the measurement of an objects elasticity (i.e. how stiff it is), and Seth suggests that business and organisations can be measured in the same manner.

Stiffness=rigidity and we all know that the more rigid something is the more solid and stable it is too but this isn’t always a good thing. If a company is too stiff they can be seen as being set in their ways and not willing to embrace new thinking and change. Seth backs this up by saying “Excessive stiffness can lead to brittleness, to missing the boat because you’re just plain stubborn”.

Then again if you’re too pliable then it can have the opposite effect – “At the other extreme, those with way too low a modulus just end up doing whatever the group is into in this minute.”

Obviously it’s all about balance. As a business we need to understand when to be rigid and when to be flexible. By listening to our clients and mirroring their attitudes we can always aim to be at the right place on the scale for their needs.

You can read the rest of Seth’s post here.